Service Category: Retail Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides you with a fixed benefit life insurance coverage for a limited period of time. You can choose the amount of coverage (sum insured) at a low premium rate (e.g. Rs. 490 per month). If the insured person (policyholder) suffers an unfortunate death during the term period, his or her nominee gets […]

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Savings & Investment Plans

Our savings and investment plans help you save money for unexpected future events and grow your wealth to meet specific goals of you and your family. In addition to a Systematic Investment Plan which is offered by the capital markets through mutual funds, life insurers also provide term life insurance cover to protect your dependants […]

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Retirement Plans

Smart retirement includes financial independence and enough savings to meet future growth in standard of living. Our retirement plans guarantee you (or your spouse in your absence) with fixed lump sum pay outs as well as provides a steady stream of income post your salaried career. Our brokers will help you choose the right plan […]

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Education Plans

Investing in your child’s future is paramount but a complicated affair. Our handpicked education plans from life insurance companies helps you grow your child’s education savings and protects their future even in your absence. The policy will have a Systematic Withdrawal Plan to meet various expenses at regular intervals and life insurance cover for the […]

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Health Insurance

Sickness, illness or a disease to any family member can lead to financial constraints for your family. Hospital bills can eat up your life savings in a very short period of time. Health Insurance is a must for any individual today and should be considered self-mandatory. Individuals and families must opt for a private plan […]

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