Health Insurance


Sickness, illness or a disease to any family member can lead to financial constraints for your family. Hospital bills can eat up your life savings in a very short period of time. Health Insurance is a must for any individual today and should be considered self-mandatory. Individuals and families must opt for a private plan even if they are covered by their employer. Employer sponsored plans will only remain during the course of employment and often at the choice of the employer. Our brokers will shortlist suitable plans from leading health insurance companies to meet the needs of your family depending upon pre-existing conditions suffered (such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, cholesterol, etc.).

  • Top Up Plans.
  • Refill Benefits.
  • No Claim Bonus.
  • No room rent capping.
  • Annual Health Check-ups.
  • No co-pay regardless of the age.
  • No medical check-ups up to 55 years age for clean medical history.
  • Health insurance benefits including Cover for Pre-Existing Conditions.
  • In Patient, Domiciliary Hospitalisation, and Pre/Post Hospitalisation Expenses Covered.