List of Top Health Insurance Companies in India

Table of Content: 01. About Health Insurance Companies 02. How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Company? 03. List of Top Health Insurance Companies 3.1 Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance 3.2 Aditya Birla Health Insurance 3.3 New India Assurance Health Insurance Company 3.4 Star Health & Allied Insurance Co Ltd 3.5 Care Health Insurance 3.6 SBI […]

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What Can An Insurance Broker Do For You?

What Is An Insurance Broker? Shopping for an insurance plan can be an overwhelming task. This is where insurance broker comes into the picture. So, you must be thinking what exactly is an insurance broker. Insurance broker is an entity or an individual who represents its client across the whole process, right from choosing the […]

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Buying Insurance: Direct vs Brokers – What’s the Difference?

Table of Content: This Blog Includes 1. Buying An Insurance? 2. Buying Insurance: Broker Vs Direct 3. Buying From An Insurance Broker 3.1 What Is An Insurance Broker 3.2 When To Consider An Insurance Broker 3.3 Pros and Cons of Insurance Broker 4. Buying Directly From An Insurance Company 4.1 When To Consider Buying Your […]

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How to Choose A Health Insurance Broker

How to Choose A Health Insurance Broker in India

Who Is A Health Insurance Broker? The health insurance industry offers a plethora of policies therefore choosing the right policy which fulfills your exact needs is not easy. The task of finding the right policy on your own can be tedious and daunting. Even after all that hard work, one can’t be certain to find […]

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Why You Should Have Health Insurance

10 Reasons: Why Health Insurance is Important

What Is Health Insurance? Cost of getting good quality healthcare have always been high in India. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the demand of medical services, which is making the prices to climb even higher. In this situation, one doesn’t have to wait for a medical emergency, even simple medical issues can create […]

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How to Choose Insurance Broker in India

How To Choose Insurance Broker In India?

Choosing An Insurance Broker: Are You Confused? Insurance broking is a fairly new concept in India. Since the introduction of the new regulations, there has been a steep rise in the number of broking firms. In this case, choosing the right consultant can be pretty confusing. But you need not worry, as we have narrowed […]

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Why You Should Choose An Insurance Broker

Top 12 Reasons: Why You Should Choose An Insurance Broker

 What Is An Insurance Broker? Buying an insurance can be a challenging task. There are a large number of insurance companies in India offering a host of plans which, honestly, can be quite overwhelming to understand. In this situation, whether you are an individual or a business, it’s quite important to choose a plan which […]

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