Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance provides you with a fixed benefit life insurance coverage for a limited period of time. You can choose the amount of coverage (sum insured) at a low premium rate (e.g. Rs. 490 per month). If the insured person (policyholder) suffers an unfortunate death during the term period, his or her nominee gets paid the sum insured amount (e.g. Rs. 1 crore). This policy is essential to ensure that your family income is protected in case of an unfortunate premature death. The policy can be extended to cover critical illness benefits, in which case the entire sum insured is paid to you on the first diagnosis of any of the covered critical illnesses (such as cancer).

  • Pure Risk Cover.
  • Tailormade Plans.
  • Lifelong Coverage Option.
  • Earn Returns on Premium.
  • Tax Benefits as per applicable laws.
  • Joint Life Plans covering you and your Spouse.
  • Provides financial protection to your family at an affordable cost.
  • Increase in Sums Insured at various stages of life without medicals.
  • Flexible payment plans, such as monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually.
  • Future Premiums Waived in case of Accidental Permanent Total Disability or Critical Illness.
  • Various pay out options in case of unfortunate death, such as lump sum,monthly income or a combination of both.