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Best Retirement Plans for Teachers

What are the Best Retirement Plans for Teachers?

Unlike corporate professionals, teachers need to plan their retirement differently. Having said that, overall for every form of profession, individuals need to plan what their retirement looks like in a way that suits their lifestyle.  Here we will look at what are the best retirement plans for teachers. What is Retirement Planning? The concept of […]

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Inflation Affect Retirement Planning

How Does Inflation Affect Retirement Planning?

The market is often uncertain and we might or might not always be able to predict what happens next. Take the great recession of 2007-08 for example. It was impossible to fathom the great fall and the repercussions of the same. People lost faith in the market and the prices of investments dropped massively.  Similarly, […]

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Benefits of Retirement Planning

How to Plan for Retirement in India?

In your youth, retirement may seem a distant thing to worry about. Yet, if you want to lead a comfortable and dignified retired life, financial planning is necessary. No matter what your ideal retirement looks like, be it a relaxed time at home with family and loved ones, or one of adventure and travel, it […]

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Why Retirement Planning is Important

12 Reasons: Why Retirement Planning is Important?

Securing our future at every stage is very important and there are plenty of ways to do that. We all watch our parents talk about why you must save money, or spending money on the right thing is important. We don’t end up realizing that when we are young, we realize these things once we […]

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Different Retirement Plans

What Are the Different Retirement Plans?

To appreciate the advantages of retirement planning, we must first understand what retirement planning entails. What exactly is it a part of? Retirement planning should be part of your financial strategy. As the average life expectancy rises, so does the need for retirement preparation. Retirement planning not only offers an additional source of income, but […]

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Benefits of Retirement Planning

15 Benefits of Retirement Planning

Every age has its duties. Childhood is reserved for learning, the youth is for implementing what you learned and finally, old age is reserved for finally enjoying the fruits of all the hard work in your youth.  However, to be able to enjoy a peaceful old age it is important to start planning and saving […]

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Different Types Of Reinsurance

How Many Types of Reinsurance Are There?

In a previous blog, we have already looked at the meaning and the function of reinsurance. Further to that, we will now look at the different types of reinsurances to better understand which form of reinsurance suits you better.  Related Blog: What is Reinsurance: Types, Functions, How it Works, Advantages & More Different Types of Reinsurance […]

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Difference Between Health Insurance And Medical Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Health Insurance And Medical Insurance?

You may have an understanding that buying insurance policies is important. But which policy insures which part of your life is difficult to understand. Hence, before buying policies, we must develop a fair understanding of ich policy caters to what.  When it comes to health, two policies often cause confusion — Health Insurance & Medical […]

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Types of Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance Policies in India

What Is Health Insurance? A contract requiring an insurer to pay some or all of a person’s healthcare bills in exchange for a premium is known as health insurance. More precisely, health insurance often covers the insured’s medical, surgical, prescription medication, and dental expenditures. Health insurance can pay the care provider directly or compensate the […]

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Health Insurance - Beginner Guide

Health Insurance: Types, Benefits, Eligibility – A Complete Guide For You!

I have often come across people who say, “Why do I need health insurance when I have other investments. It’s money down the drain if nothing happens to me.” To this, I often want to say, “God forbid, what if something does happen?” The last two years have taught us, that health is the most […]

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