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Difference Between Health Insurance And Medical Insurance

What Is The Difference Between Health Insurance And Medical Insurance?

You may have an understanding that buying insurance policies is important. But which policy insures which part of your life is difficult to understand. Hence, before buying policies, we must develop a fair understanding of ich policy caters to what.  When it comes to health, two policies often cause confusion — Health Insurance & Medical […]

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Types of Health Insurance

Types of Health Insurance Policies in India

What Is Health Insurance? A contract requiring an insurer to pay some or all of a person’s healthcare bills in exchange for a premium is known as health insurance. More precisely, health insurance often covers the insured’s medical, surgical, prescription medication, and dental expenditures. Health insurance can pay the care provider directly or compensate the […]

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Health Insurance - Beginner Guide

Health Insurance: Types, Benefits, Eligibility – A Complete Guide For You!

I have often come across people who say, “Why do I need health insurance when I have other investments. It’s money down the drain if nothing happens to me.” To this, I often want to say, “God forbid, what if something does happen?” The last two years have taught us, that health is the most […]

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Top Health Insurance Companies in India

List of Top Health Insurance Companies in India

About Health Insurance Companies The sedentary and fast paced lifestyle of our times have led to rise of many untimely diseases. Nowadays, it is common to hear critical health issues arising even at a young age. The rising costs of medical treatments have now made health insurance a necessity rather than luxury. Health insurance helps […]

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How to Choose A Health Insurance Broker

How to Choose A Health Insurance Broker in India

Who Is A Health Insurance Broker? The health insurance industry offers a plethora of policies therefore choosing the right policy which fulfills your exact needs is not easy. The task of finding the right policy on your own can be tedious and daunting. Even after all that hard work, one can’t be certain to find […]

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Why You Should Have Health Insurance

10 Reasons: Why Health Insurance is Important

What Is Health Insurance? Cost of getting good quality healthcare have always been high in India. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the demand of medical services, which is making the prices to climb even higher. In this situation, one doesn’t have to wait for a medical emergency, even simple medical issues can create […]

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